Web development

Standard development of the LAMP stack and plus - Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP , +perl +javascript/jquery and much more, everything I need for success

High load

If your pages load for a second or more, you will lose your customers. To quickly create pages, you need to count milliseconds, make faster queries, caching, additional storage, additional search engines.


I can review the existing code for performance, quality, security. I can offer solutions and guidance on how to improve code performance, make it ready for a high load. it is very important to start in the right direction from the very beginning.


I provide freelancer services, including programming, consulting, code reviewing .

High load

Creating sites with high load is slightly different from the standard web stack. This means that more caching, fewer requests, you need to consider every cost of the request, use more storage and engines. Mysql is slower than memcached a thousand times. But mysql is a more or less reliable data store, memcached is not. With it help you can make the site fast and reliable. The slowest and worst side of mysql is full-text search. To do this, you need to use additional search engines, such as the Sphinx. It's finding the text quickly and abruptly. Sometimes the best idea use sphinx for regular not full text queries, and then pass the IDs to mysql, and this can be faster than just using mysql. Mysql also provides scalability, it can use replication between servers. For high loads, data structures of data are required between all the storages and the entire configuration of all the storages. You should also count each HTTP request, because each HTTP request is worth some time.
The use of exactly specified engines is not mandatory, there are alternatives. For example, memcached can be replaced with redis. The sphinx can be replaced with Elasticsearch . So on.
Multiservers . To increase capacity, many servers can work. Multiple database servers, memcached servers, sphinx servers, application servers. etc.


I use the standard LAMP stack (Linux, apache, mysql, php), I use perl (including mod_perl), mysql, sphinx, memcached. In fact, I always use everything that can solve the problem. And I'm always looking for a solution.
For example, Modperl allows you to run perl code much faster, because it is loaded into the apache memory. But this requires special software technology.
HTML templates . It is very important to separate the programming code and the HTML code. He avoids hitting the program code of non-specialists, makes the code less buggy.


Frontend is part of the code that is loaded into the browser and launched on the user side. Javascript is usually used to use it. I also use the jQuery framework, it does more simple manipulations with DOM, more compatible between browsers. And this allows you to use many codes for naming jQuery plugins. I can include these plugins, change it if and sometimes it is difficult to combine multiple plugins, but I do.

HTML5 and CSS3

I'm not a web designer, but of course I'm very good at HTML and CSS. My level is enough to correct the problems of designers, use design templates provided by designers in the code, fit into HTML-templates.

Bootsrap is a modern environment for flexible web design, and I like it. A modern site can be viewed on many devices with different resolutions and well show it on all these devices.


My main theme is e-commerce sites. You do not need me to explain about taxes, shipments, invoices, packing lists, etc. I can integrate the site into paypal, ups, usps and other services. I'm also good at finance and accounting. Therefore, I am very well versed in balances, transactions, etc.

Mobile applications and APIs

I developed some API for websites and mobile applications (jQuery, jQtouch , etc.). I do not like this as a basic task, but you can expect that I am also engaged in this. Horever jQtoch is not suitable for mobile applications.

SEO ready

SEO (search engine optimization) is required for sites starting at age. SEO friendly links can be executed using .htaccess, apache configurations, nginx config.
Of course, SEO is another specialization, and for better customization you will need a specialist. But I can make it SEO ready with the best "white" practices.
Implementation of any decision must necessarily remember about seo. What will you feed in the search engines and how does he know about your text and images.


I prefer chats in real time (Skype or other messengers). There are two main reasons for this: first I do not speak English well, but I'm clearly understand everything and have good abilites in written English communications. ALSO, chat will save all that we have typed, and asked / agreed. How far have I come from you? Usually 80-200 milliseconds. Im the modern world is people closer, then you can think, and this number is in milliseconds, not in thousands of kilometers.
There are ways to connect to servers and directly enter them on their servers. Usually this is FTP, SSH, SFTP, etc.
I can travel to your site if you really need it, and can provide tickets, a hotel and compensations. But, like my experience, I have not seen any of my clients yet.

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